Hyderabad Kids Fair


Hyderabad Kids’ Fair, India’s Largest Kids’ Carnival

Hyderabad Kids’ Fair, is back with its 14th Edition edition from 24 -26 December 2021, with loads of activities for an entertaining – yet productive – for kids of all ages. 

Being the largest kids’ fair in India, the event attracts thousands of visitors every edition and is consistently proved to be a grand success for exhibitors, brands, sponsors, the community, and most importantly, the kids. The Fair showcases a wide range of kids’ products and services and provides a comprehensive shopping experience that appeals to kids, parents and schools alike.

Hyderabad Kids’ Fair features non-stop entertainment with a fashion show, an extravaganza of games, hands-on learning, interactive sessions, exciting rides, art & crafts, yummy food and many more fun-filled activities. The Fair’s environment promotes creativity, positive thinking, self-esteem and confidence for the kids. Though kids’ entertainment is at the centre of it all, other areas of interest include learning, healthcare, nutrition, sports and scientific exposition.

As a well-planned three-day event, Hyderabad Kids’ Fair will have kids run, kids fashion show, workshops, arts & crafts, sports, games, exciting rides, interactive sessions, science exhibits, robotics, music and various fun activities. There is something to appeal to in the interests of every kid.