S.R Digi School

S.R Digi School, GNT Road

Phone: 090522 22274

SR has now transformed the very basis of how education is imparted in a class. Carrying forward its belief that everyone has a right to affordable quality education, the SR Group now opens up a new dimension in learning with Digital Classrooms that change the way teachers teach and students learn. The platform of Multimedia now adds life and a brand new meaning to the way a lesson is taught and understood, this school is one of the Best Schools In Visakhapatnam. The visual impact not only aids perception and better memory retention, it also gains the complete attention of every single student in the class. This concept is poised to inspire and make education an unforgettable journey.


GNT Road, NEAR ZINC GATE, ZINC SMELTER POST OFFICE, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530015